Conference Schedule

  Saturday, April 14
Continental breakfast and coffee
9:30am Colonialism Music and Torture
  "Aloha 'Oe: Politics and the Prison Songs of Lili'uokalani"
Cynthia Morris, Ethnomusicology
University of California, Santa Cruz
"Music as Torture in Auschwitz and Guantanamo"
Melissa Kagen, German Studies
Stanford University
  "Reimagining the 'African Success Story' through Ivorian Coupé-Décalé"
Julia Day, Ethnomusicology
University of Washington
"Words and War(riors): Music and the War on Terror"
Amanda Daly, Ethnomusicology
Boston University
10:45am Resistance Memory and Recovery
  "Leisure Class Gangster: Exaggerated Conspicuous Consumption In Gangster Rap"
Can Aksoy, English
University of California, Santa Barbara
"A Degustation Album: The Harbour Union with Seven Courses of P's"
Kris Vavasour, Cultural Studies
University of Canturbury (NZ)
  "Sounds from the Belly of the Beast: Rampart Police (Dis)order and the Psycho Realm Blues"
Steven Osuna, Sociology
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Let It Be: Countering Crisis in Ursula Le Guin's The Lathe of Heaven"
Shari Sanders, Comparative Literature
University of California, Santa Barbara
  "Narcocorridos and the Nostalgia of Violence: Postmodern Resistance en la Frontera"
Chris Muniz, Literature & Creative Writing
University of Southern California
"The Role of Music in Therapy to Restore Spoken Language for Sufferers of Broca's Aphasia"
Rebecca Hartness, Communication Sciences & Disorders
University of Oregon
12:15pm "In the memory of Hope":
a generative sound and movement installation

John Priestley, Virginia Commonwealth University
Salvador Barajas, University of Richmond
danah bella, d a n a h b e l l a danceworks
Liz Canfield, Virginia Commonwealth University
1:00pm Institutional Identities September 11th
and Its Aftermath
  " 'Spiel', my Jazzband, spiel'!' Transatlantic Impulses in Inter-War Viennese Operetta"
Ulrike Petersen, Music History & Literature
University of California, Berkeley
"Sampling Sorrow: The Recontextualization of Popular Music in the Wake of Tragedy"
Brian Wright, Music
University of Nevada
  "Opera's Identity Crisis in America"
Daniela Smolov Levy, Musicology
Stanford University
"Septation: An Eye-Witness (Re)Composition of the September 11 Attacks"
Josh Weinstein, Integrative Studies
University of California, San Diego
2:30pm Roundtable:
Music and the University
  "Rethinking Music in American Universities: A Historical Perspective"
Michael Joiner, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Power Chords and the Crisis of Globalization: Neoliberalism, Youth Disenfranchisement, and Heavy Metal Music"
Aurore Diehl, American Studies
University of New Mexico
  "Pedagogical Crises in the Music History Classroom"
Scott Dirkse, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Nostalgic Resistance: Popular Music During Iran's 2009 Green Movement"
Theresa Steward, Music
University of Edinburgh
  "Musicology and the Crisis of Interdisciplinarity"
Linda Shaver-Gleason, Musicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
"Singing the Songs of the Egyptian Revolution"
Lillie Gordon, Ethnomusicology
University of California, Santa Barbara
5:00pm Keynote Address
"Singing, Telethons, and the Haiti Earthquake:
A Critique of the Culture of
Neoliberal Humanitarian Relief"

Elizabeth McAlister
Wesleyan University
Dinner and Reception
  Sunday, April 15
Continental breakfast and coffee
9:30am War The Music Industry
and Technology
  "'The Narrative of a Belated Experience': Mourning the Allied Bombings in/through Rudolf Mauersberger's Dresdner Requiem"
Martha Sprigge, Music History & Theory
University of Chicago
"Crisis in Cyberspace: Digital Technology and Anxiety in the Recording Industry"
Tom Sykes, Creative Arts/Sciences
University of Salford (UK)
  "The Japanese American Internment Expressed Through Hip-Hop: Mike Shinoda and 'Kenji'"
Sarah Moody, Musicology
San Diego State University
"Music Piracy: Intentions, Ethics, and Crisis in the Music Industry"
Thomas Burlin, Music Education
University of North Texas
  "'Beats, Rhymes, and Rice': Re-remembering the Viet Nam War through Nam's Hip-Hop Album, Exhale"
Jade T. Hidle, Literature
University of California, San Diego
"An Instrument of Urban Planning: The Lingering Power of the Dematerialized Belfry"
Tiffany Ng, Musicology
University of California, Berkeley
11:00am Tour of the UCSB Carillon
Led by Tiffany Ng and Margo Halsted
Lunch, Group Discussion, and Farewell