The symposium will be held at the UCSB Centennial House. The Centennial House is Building 530 at the southern point of campus, across from Santa Cruz dorm, next to University House and near the lagoon.

UCSB Campus
Map (PDF)

Goleta Area Map (PDF)
Directions to UCSB
Traveling north on Highway 101:
Take the Airport/UCSB exit (Highway 217) off U.S. 101 approximately eight miles north of Santa Barbara to the campus East Gate.
Traveling south on Highway 101:
Take the Storke Road/Glen Annie Road exit off U.S. 101 approximately twelve miles north of Santa Barbara. Turn right on Storke Road and proceed two miles to El Colegio Road. Turn left on El Colegio Road and proceed to the campus West Gate entrance.
For non-University guests, a Visitor's Parking Fee is collected at the Kiosk. Parking is in Lot No. 5, to the west of University House; parking is not permitted in front of the house or in the small lot across from it. Parking in the driveway at University House is prohibited.